Why don't you join us and aimto become "The only one engineer"?


MESSAGE 代表からのメッセージ

Message to potential companions who want to become IT engineers!

As you browse this website, we think you can realize that
there are various types of engineers in TECH MART.
One is going to become a team leader, another one aims to get a proficient programmer and the other one's target is the establishment of his own company one day. You can have your own unique objective.
We think everyone has their own happiness, lifestyle and dreams.
Some of you might not be able to imagine your future career, what types of engineer you become.
So we can start thinking together. We are grateful to meet you, walk with you and make an effort for your "only one" dream.

〜We will be happy with you 〜Shunya Onuma

COMPANY テックマートってどんな会社?

01The diligent engineer

TECH MART doesn't

hesitate to teach me this
and "that", you know.

I used to work for another company but there is no office to let me study what is not related to IT skills.
For example, I studied how I can use AED to survive someone who is suffering on the street through short class in corporate meetings.
(AED is an abbreviation of "Automated External Defibrillator")

02The confident engineer

All business expenses are
disclosed in this company.

We can get any explanations about business expense and sales figure.
In short, the management do not cover up important business information to us.
Our boss thinks that TECH MART consists of not only management but also general colleagues.

03The well-muscled engineer

The Management are so
friendly that I'm not nervous
when I talk
with them.

Although TECH MART is a Japanese company, we don't call Mr.Onuma "Shacho" which means president but "boss" in a friendly way.

04The sociable engineer

I got a good vacuum
cleaner when I participated
in office party!

Once I got a good vacuum cleaner in office party. But to be honest, I wanted the latest Nintendo which another colleague got.

05The exemplary engineer

It doesn't matter that you've got
a higher salary than that of the
boss, because of your specialty.

I made an effort to get a certification of small and medium enterprise management consultant.
In the result of that, I got the highest salary in this company though I'm not the president.

06The faithful engineer

I usually work in my
home and occasionaly
go to the office.

I do home teleworking in the department of general affairs because I have infants.
I used to work as an IT engineer and sometimes the memory makes me nostalgic.

07The "straightforward" engineer

I've finally been
with Osaka
which is more
than my hometown.

When I left my hometown and started living in Osaka. I was really anxious about my new life.
But my senior colleagues helped me to find an apartment and took me to good restaurant.
Thanks mate and help me again!

08The gluttonous engineer

I always feel that the boss
really take care of us.

Boss thought that TECH MART should make both employee and their families happy together.
I'm happy to hear this idea.

FUTURE 今後の展望

Let's break thefuture together!

  • 01Reinforcement of domestic business

    We will continuously recruit novices and careers.

  • 02Start trading with Asian country

    We will hire Asian colleagues to contribute to solve current workforce shotrage in IT industry in Japan. On top of that, We expect that Asian colleagues get not only IT skill but also management knowledge in our company.
    And we hope one day they return their country to start their own business with our backup.

  • 03Running "TECH MART BAR"

    We wish to have our own bar to relax, change our mood and talk about each dreams.
    Of course, we prohibit to coerce someone into drinking, to harass someone and to lose control of yourself entirely.


  • Requirements
    We would like our new colleagues to have the following attributes.
    1.preferably, having unique positive personality or any speciality.
    2.respectfulness for colleagues even if they have any special and positive strength or not.
    3.amiable manner for colleagues, clients and business partners.
    4.diligent attitude to study (It doesn't matter to do in your own pace)
  • Professional
    We recruit the following jobs.
    1.Systems Consultant.
    2.Systems Engineer.
    3.Programmer who has experienced programming for at least a year.
    4.Product evaluation engineer (for example, who has experienced evaluation of automotive navigation system, and so on.
    Besides, the following skills are welcome.
    Java, .NET, PHP, Scala, Python, ABAP
  • Early Careers
    We also open a gate to graduates, unemployed young people who have graduated from IT colleges or universities in recent years and yound novices who want to become IT engineer!
  • Terms
    of employment
    Form of employment: full-time employee, contract employee
    Working hours: from 9:00 to 18:00 (it depends on development project which you participate in)
    perks: temporary funding to move out from your hometown
    (We are sorry that you can use this for first domestic transfer only, you cannot use this perk to move abroad)
    Salary: We will decide specific value in consideration of your experiences, skills and so on.

    You can apply for our offer to input any required information in application form. Please click the following "Apply" button.
    We are looking forward to your application!