We TECH MART has a corporate philosophy which requires us to manage personal information in an appropriate way and preserve the information thoroughly as one of the IT system developers.
The presevation of personal information is important issue for us which develop IT system and services.
We comply with the personal information protection management systems and do highly transparent business process with handling personal information accurately and faithfully.

  • 01. We collect, use, provide and consign personal information about our client, employee appropriately in consideration of our business as a provider of system development services.

  • 02. We do not handle with personal information over the limitation which we need to achieve an aim of a specific use. And we wake any required measure to do that.

  • 03. We comply with any laws, guidelines and criteria enacted by the government about handling with personal information.

  • 04. We take prevention measure and corrective action against the risk of leakage, loss and falsification.

  • 05. We correspond to any complaints and consultation about personal information.

  • 06. We continuously review and improve the personal information protection management systems due to use personal information in appropriate way and preserve the information thoroughly.

  • 07. We use personal information which we collect through the recruitment activity for the following aim.
    (1) to consider the job application.
    (2) to contact the forthcoming employee who we decide to hire.
    (If applicants unfortunately do not join us, we dispose their information as soon as possible)
    (3) to use as a human resource information after a proper employment.

Implemented: July 1, 2015
Amended: April 1, 2017
Shunya Onuma
Chief Executive Officer, TECH MART Co., Ltd.

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